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This podcast is aimed at driving instructors and is produced by driving instructors. We look to be a highly interactive podcast and welcome your contributions whether by email, phone or in person in the studio.

We look forward to having you on board and hope you enjoy the shows as much as we enjoy producing them!

Oct 27, 2011

Show recorded on October 27th 2011
69 minutes

In this show;

Subjects covered in this months podcast

  • ADINJC conference
  • Phone Apps
  • Feedback
  • KSI - ADI success, Pass Rates, John Brown, Can I Have Another Go?, Quest for Knowledge, Running over Cats and Dogs, AA and the Ford Focus, Illegal Instructors
  • New Government Ministers
  • Banning of Tests In Foreign Languages
  • Driving Assesments for the Elderly
  • New Dangerous Driving Act
  • New Longer Length Lorries
  • New MOT Certificates
  • John_DSA links (see below)
  • Car Seat Survey


Links given by John_DSA from Twitter

Know Your Traffic Signs - Free Download
Logging Onto ADI Services (YouTube How To Video)

CPD Notes
You can download the CPD notes in either word document format or PDF. Then you can make your own notes and use it towards your CPD.
Download from one of the two links below...
Word Document file
PDF File