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This podcast is aimed at driving instructors and is produced by driving instructors. We look to be a highly interactive podcast and welcome your contributions whether by email, phone or in person in the studio.

We look forward to having you on board and hope you enjoy the shows as much as we enjoy producing them!

Mar 22, 2010

Show recorded on March 22nd 2010 -
53 minutes

In this show;

Subjects covered in this months podcast

  • Driving a vintage car -
  • Listner feed back - CPD notes for DIPOD - Using maps to give directions -
  • Independant Driving - DSA update -
  • Listner feed back - Being payed for sitting in the back of tests -
  • The price of fuel -
  • Police Rapid Response -
  • Petals and 7300 teaching courses -
  • UK KSI stats - crossings off of roundabouts - Tufty! -
  • Fraud and Integraty Team -
    Contact details:
    Phone - 02920 581155 -
    Email: -
  • Dealing with and recognising old vehicals on the road -
  • DSA's find your nearest
  • Electric Cars

Steve arrives for the show in his 1946 MG