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This podcast is aimed at driving instructors and is produced by driving instructors. We look to be a highly interactive podcast and welcome your contributions whether by email, phone or in person in the studio.

We look forward to having you on board and hope you enjoy the shows as much as we enjoy producing them!

Aug 30, 2015

Show recorded on 26/8/15 -
78 minutes


We are joined in the studio by Lynne Barrie for our celebratory 100th show, and on Skype we are joined by Kathy Higgins, Nigel Slater and David Poole.

  • New Test Trials
  • 100th
  • Kathy Higgins - DVSA Do Have A Heart!
  • Country Roads
  • Smoking Ban
  • Examiners Decision
  • Funeral Procession
  • Zebras
  • Nigel Slater
  • David Poole
  • Facebook Advertising Video


Country Roads - Watch Video
David's Facebook Advertising Video