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This podcast is aimed at driving instructors and is produced by driving instructors. We look to be a highly interactive podcast and welcome your contributions whether by email, phone or in person in the studio.

We look forward to having you on board and hope you enjoy the shows as much as we enjoy producing them!

Jan 15, 2010

Duration 40:28 -

In this show;

DSA talk at the ADINJC on Modernising The Driver Training Industry

During the talk Nigel gave the audience a word picture, with which they were asked to talk over and then to feed back some of the subject areas they as teachers would need to address to cover the issues involved. This is not the actual word picture, but is very close to it.

A young driver who has passed their test in the past 5 months receives a telephone call late at night from a friend. The friend wants picking up from a club with some mates and taken home as they have run out of money for the taxi. It is late at night and they want picking up from a town the young driver is un-familiar with.

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