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This podcast is aimed at driving instructors and is produced by driving instructors. We look to be a highly interactive podcast and welcome your contributions whether by email, phone or in person in the studio.

We look forward to having you on board and hope you enjoy the shows as much as we enjoy producing them!

Nov 6, 2021

Show recorded 27/10/21 - released 6/11/21
90 minutes

In this show we look back at the recent Expo and Conference held at the heart of England showground and listen to some interesting chats with some of the participants.

  • Auto or Manual?
  • Buy or Lease?
  • Expo 21
  • Leister Fire Service V.R. Vehicle
  • Speed of Sight
  • Queen Elizabeth Foundation
  • Radio In The Car
  • Examiners Help
  • Electric Thoughts
  • Vapour Trails
  • SADDSA Meeting
  • Test Bots


    Queen Elizabeth Foundation